Linton La Fontaine Garden Architecture understands how to create unique, beautiful landscapes. By integrating the simplicity of natural elements with a range of construction materials, a harmonious balance of scale, proportion, accent and contrast is reached.


From the outset, a vision is created and explored. One of our key talents is the ability to visualise the reality of an imagined space. It is then up to us, as designers, to represent this mood and atmosphere back to the client.


The gardens we create offer a surreal feeling of space and time in a contemporary setting. We continually explore the possibilities of design within the landscape. Our gardens transcend the line between man-made structures and the landscape. We allow the viewer to question their need for geometry and balance by asymmetrically breaking down these concepts to create a visually larger space.


Above all, our client’s needs are always incorporated into the look that sets our gardens beyond the reality of everyday trends. We enjoy awakening our clients to the possibilities of imaginative design, whether it be small scale or large acreage. This allows us to stylise the space and have the design evolve with the personality of the client and their lifestyle.


Georgie Linton

: Georgie studied Landscape architecture at RMIT. Her strength and passion lie in horticulture, given her family background in the nursery industry. Her plans are heavily influences by plant selection and client lifestyle.


Michael LaFontaine

: With a background in construction, Michael’s designs begin with a critical understanding of the condition of the site and the client’s budget. He is constantly pioneering new construction techniques reflected with a firm understanding of garden and architectural history.


Tara Edney

: With a background in interior design, Tara is currently studying an advanced diploma of civil engineering at RMIT. Tara transistioned into landscape design in 2009 and uses her knowledge of form and function to design gardens connecting with its architecture in a usable and enjoyable space.



: Melbourne Intrnation Flower and Garden Show - 1999 Best in show / 1997, 1998 Participation 

: 3MP Garden show - 1994 , 1996 , 1997 Gold Medal

: Peninsula Illustrated - Autumn/winter '05 / Spring '05 / Summer '05/'06 / Autumn/winter '06 / Spring '06



: Amberley Equestrian Polo centre, Moorooduc (date)

: Peninsula Grammer School, Mt Eliza (date)

: Cranbourne Christian School, Cranbourne

: Sanhurst Golf Club, Sandhurst

: Taylors Lakes Secondary College, Taylors Lakes


Garden Abroad